Custom Trophies, Medals and more...

Trophify offers a significant opportunity for you to create your own trophies and medals.

It can be a sports event or a corporate event. Movie, theater or music award ceremony or even a backyard football championship, it doesn't matter, because we can find the best option for you. And b
y building your own design, you are creating something very special and unique.

These trophies and medals are divided in to two categories -
  • High Quality
    *made out of highest quality materials available, by designers with a lot of experience in the field of trophy creation.
  • Budget
    *made out of lower segment materials, so we could provide our clients with more affordable trophies. 

To create your own trophy or other item, you have to follow a few steps

  • Step 1 - Send us a description of the product (also include logos, texts etc., if needed) Or maybe you have a design ready to go…
  • Step 2 - Send us an estimated budget, so we can offer the best design possible.
  • Step 3 - Based on your requirements, we create the ultimate design.
  • Step 4 - Both sides accepts the design, agrees on terms and the producing can begin.
  • Step 5 - You receive Your product.

The execution time depends on multiple variables, so there is no standard term when the customized item is going to be finished, but the average period of time is about 4-6 weeks.

The pricing is determined by many factors like  - size of the item, materials used and quantity required.

We also provide high-quality accessories like ribbons, badges, buttons and emblems for all professions that use uniforms and for clubs/brands that want to enhance their recognition.

In addition, we also recommend to create your own promotional products and gifts like mugs, pens, T-shirts, keychains and much more.

Your design will provide you and/or your company/club recognition and have a positive influence on marketing your brand.
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We believe in awesome trophies.