Trophify uses high quality aluminium plaques for both - trophies and medals -  which are then sublimated.
     We mostly operate with sublimation technique, because of the quality and possibility to get any colored text/drawing/logo for your trophies, medals and honorary plaques/diplomas.
     It is also possible to use laser engraving on standard trophies/medals if needed.

Engraving for medals starting from EUR 0.50
Engraving for trophies starting from EUR 2.00

  • Laser engraving
  • Laser engraving + color filling
  • Luxorjet
  • 3D laser engraving (3D, 2,5D and 2D models available)

    *each glass award has a different number of engraving styles available
Pricing is individual for each trophy.

* Laser engraving - We engrave on a glass surface any vector graphic with or without the paint filling. Thanks to a specialized software we are able to engrave photos.

* Luxorjet - Imprints made with luxorjet printer are very durable. The colors are of perfect fidelity. High resolution gives an opportunity to perform exceptional imprints and the ink used is environmentally friendly and presents vivid colors.

* 3D laser engraving - Thanks to a specialized machine, we engrave inside the trophy - starting from simple graphics to complicated 3D models, without damaging the surface structure.
* 2D model - Transfering flat artwork inside glass for example - picture, drawing, text or logo.
* 2,5D model - Pattern 180° from normal picture conversion, starting from normal picture to three-dimensional, for example - picture of face, animal, logo.
* 3D model - 360° 3D pattern with all details, for example - a car, architecture or a flower.

For more detailed information on each engraving style, or other questions, contact us - info@trophify.com